Eclipse Z for Suncare

Eclipse Z is the third and latest generation of zinc oxides for suncare applications.

Eclipse Z

Optimised morphology

Unique particle morphology that gives industry's best performance

Highest transparency in the industry

Lowest impact in color cosmetics

Lowest impact on formula viscosity

Enabling new textures for ZnO based products 

Uncoated that works as coated

Easy to use and excellent dispersion and stability 

Eclipse Z1

Outperforms industry benchmarks on transparency, UV performance and rheology impact of formulations.

Available as uncoated and coated powders, as well as dispersions.

Other Eclipse products addressing specific regulatory needs and UVA boosting

Eclipse Z2

DGCCRF compliant

Compliant to the French government interpretation of annex VI of EC1223/2009

Meets DGCCRF criteria for acceptance in the French market

Eclipse ZA

UVA boosting

Excellent choice to boost UVA performance of formulations

Ideal for mineral and hybrid formulations

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